Seven Storage Locations • 206-204-2222 • 24/7 Easy Access Outside Storage

24/7 easy access • lots are not covered • no onsite power • no onsite water • not insured


24/7 Easy Access Locations

  • Interbay
    bertona lot
  • North End
    north end storage lot
  • Nickerson
    ballard storage lot
  • Container Lot
    container storage lot
  • West Seattle
    west seattle storage lot
  • Jack Block Park
    west seattle storage lot
  • Commodore Way
    commodore storage lot
  • Main Office

Every one of our parking and storage facilities features convenient 24/7 access.

Enhanced Security

We provide enhanced security in two of our lots. Port of Seattle Security patrols our storage facility adjacent to Jack Block Park.

Please keep in mind that our lots are not covered, there is no onsite water, there is no onsite power and all items stored must be self-insured. We're not responsible for damage or theft.

Seattle's Favorite Outdoor Storage

Bridge Outside Storage is the perfect place to store boats, campers, trucks, cars, trailers & recreational vehicles. Commercial vehicles, such as food trucks, moving vans and tow trucks are also welcome. With seven outdoor lots now in service, you're sure to find a convenient location. Storage fees vary by lot location and time of year, so call 206-204-2222 for current rates. We make every effort to match or beat competitors.

cars parked
All Lots Are Fencedstorage containers
Storage Containers ship in seattle port

Shipping Containers

We also rent shipping containers for storage. These steel containers are rugged, watertight, unheated and easy to access. You can even use your own padlock to secure the container.

They come in three ideal sizes. The small ones are eight feet by eighteen feet with more than 850 square feet of storage space. The middle size is eight by twenty with more than 950 square feet of space. The large ones are eight by twenty-eight with 1300 square feet of space.

Park & Cruise

We have Park & Cruise parking spaces available for cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs. Click the Cruise ship to the right for instructions.

Outside Storage

Our outdoor storage lots are perfect for boats, autos, trucks, RVs, containers and commercial vehicles.

Bridge Outside Storage serves Sunset Hill, Whittier Heights, Salmon Bay, Loyal Heights, Phinney Ridge, Queen Anne, Green lake, Wallingford, Northgate, Maple leaf, Magnolia, Fremont, Crown Hill, North Beach, Roosevelt, Shilshole, Shilshole Bay, Fishermen's Terminal, Alki, Delridge, White Center, Burien, and Camano Island.

No Covered Storage

Please note that we do not provide covered or inside storage. Also note that Bridge Outside Storage does not hold auctions.